Term & Conditions

Welcome to our website. Khoj Tech is delighted to provide their Terms and Conditions, which will synchronize and align with the projects we complete for you. Our Contractual obligations will be formed by the Terms & Conditions listed below.

Khoj Tech’s Role

  • Khoj Tech will serve you with top-notch services that focus on your brief. The project will be divided into specific phases. After completing each stage, you will be required to analyze and ask for unlimited revisions (If necessary). If the project needs variation, Khoj Tech will arrange a detailed discussion session to discuss the project’s scope and required modifications. Once the project is finalized and delivered from the client’s end, the client cannot ask for revisions. If there’s a need for revisions, FNT will charge on an hourly basis.
  • Khoj Tech or any external parties, may allow any warranty as to the precision, promptness, effectiveness, or suitability of the resources and documents found or provided on this website for any specific purpose. You admit that such data and materials could contain discrepancies or inaccuracies, for which we explicitly disclaim liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • We will not be subjected to any liability if you’re using information or materials on this website at your own risk. You must ensure that any goods, services, or data gleaned from this website meet your unique requirements.
  • This website contains content that we own and have consent to use. This content includes, but is not restricted to, the structure, layout, look, and image, as well as visuals. In compliance with the copyright claim, which would be a component of these terms and conditions and reproduction is barred.
  • All trademarks recreated on this website that are not owned by or accredited to the operator are acknowledged. Unauthorized use of this website may result in a defamation lawsuit and/or a criminal offense.
  • Should you want to terminate the contract after work has begun, you would be debited for work already completed.
  • Khoj Tech will not be liable for any delay or failure to accomplish their commitments if the postponement or malfunction is caused by circumstances beyond Khoj Tech’s reasonable control.

Payment Terms

Invoices and payments must be paid by bank transfer into Khoj Tech’s nominated bank account. The validity of the invoice will be 14 days from the issued date. Khoj Tech legally has all the rights of the work until the final invoice is paid.


Khoj Tech will keep your data, files, and contracts strictly confidential, except when legally required, unless you approve disclosure or the relevant circumstances are all in the public realm.

Working Files and Copyrights

Once the final payment has been made, Khoj Tech will deliver your work will all the required files. All the copyrights will be bestowed upon you under ghostwriting parameters. However, we will showcase your project on our website along with your business name. This will lead to the promotion of our work, given that prior written permission is received from the client.


All our products, services, and offerings will be utilized for lawful purposes only. You will have to agree to indemnify to ensure Khoj Tech is harmless and innocuous from all the wrong-doings and blames resulting from your service’s usage to circumvent misleading information related to our service that hurt you or any internal or external party.

Termination or Suspension

These Terms and Conditions may be amended or superseded at any moment by mutual written agreement between us. Unless otherwise agreed, any such variability shall have no adverse impact on any rights or commitments that either of us may have already accumulated.

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